Thursday, September 16, 2010


The Highest Relationship

If your looking for real love that is returned proportionally too the amount of effort that you put in then your best bet is too love God. You might ask how do you love God, when priests and holy men, pidgeon-hole him into a church or a mosque or some scripture. That is all well and good, but too love someone you need too know them accurately, there likes and dislikes, there address, there habits, there favourite foods etc. The same with God, he may not be someone, but he is a living point of light, who is all powerful, beyond happiness and sorrow. He is also called Abhorgta, the one who is beyond taste (food). He has no dress as such but does have an address, which is Soul World(Paramdam) it is a world of silence, and no thoughts, not because thoughts are suppressed, no , the soul in its original form is beyond thoughts, it is only when we adopt bodies that thoughts begin too manifest. The same with God, it is only when he comes too earth and adopts a body that he communicates.