Wednesday, September 15, 2010


When you use the word power people generally think of things like electrical current too drive a air conditioner or horse power that drives your V8 Pontiac Firebird or in people terms, the chairman of the board of Apple Macintosh or Adolf Hitler etc. This word is also used in the realms of spirituality and Meditation. Because ultimately the source of all pure energy (power)is the Almighty Father (god). So someone who is well connected too that being either through meditation or prayer or just there principles in life will themselves have alot of power, this is what initially attracted religious-minded souls too the Founders of religions. Even today, now,if our connection too God the all powerful one is clean and clear then that vibration will pull other souls too come closer too us (the conduits) and ultimately too God. This is a life saving grace in this age of indifference and turmoil. We don't even have too verbally or practically convert souls the pure vibration will naturally do all the work