Saturday, September 25, 2010

.Real service

Too start meditating and connecting too God is all well and good, you become like real gold. But Gold by itself is not all that attractive, valuable yes, but if you keep it under lock and key in a vault somewhere, it just gathers dust. But if you have gold earings,rings or a crown etc, all studded with diamonds then it becomes really attractive and valued. Or you invest the gold and make more, and by jets and cars and islands, then people will say that one is a real entreprenaur, hes going places, because its out there in the public eye. The same with purity accrued through meditation and good actions, you need too increase its value expotentially by investing it in other souls, in programmes too help the community,in challenging desperate and hopeless souls and situationsn and turning the situations around with the power of peace and purity. Then you are a valuable asset too the world who is seen by the people doing things and creating oppurtunities for others too also take up the baton.Then that gold becomes like, studded with so many jewells and diamonds, and God is also praised for the work he is doing, otherwise he is becoming a bit of a dinosaur amongst religions and innovative people