Monday, September 27, 2010

Effects of meditation

The first effect of deep meditation is that the 5 senses are cooled down and made peaceful. The most difficult one too control or cool down is the eyes. It was once said the eyes are like mice and they run everywhere looking for food.And that food is not always good for the soul. As a kid my biggest distraction in life was my eyes, you can imagine a teenage boy with his hormones running hot, but also I was told I had beautiful eyes with huge eyelasses like a womans. Whenever my father went hunting with a rifle I would be his lookout and spotter because my eyesight was as keen as a foxes.Also I was very good at seeing detail in everything but would also just as easily forget everything. So I think my external specialities were a reflection of my minds eye and my soul.Now in my life after have meditated for 21 years, I can honestly say still too this day, my eyes are my greatest asset and also a great challenge. The eyes are what communicate the most things, love, anger, bliss etc. And people have said too me at times you look like a deity or an Angel. But this would only be after a deep session of meditation on God, and those experiences would be reflected in my eyes. After all the eyes are the windows too the soul. So soul consciousness is reflected in the eyes and on the face. People pick up your attitude