Monday, October 4, 2010


Walking Through Illusion was presented too me through email from its author Betsy Otter Thompson, through Twitter I presume. She asked if I would review it and post a review of it on this blog. She is an inspirational writer, like a channeler who connects with Jesus, as though they are one, and just begins writing. Not willy nilly but in an accurate logical format. At the end of every chapter a worksheet is presented for the reader too fill out and too express there own feelings and make them concrete. Also every now and then reflective verse is written for the reader too meditate upon. I was brought up as a catholic but at the age of twenty I began learning too meditate in the Ancient art of Raja Yoga, so this thought form of the book wasn't anything earth shattering for me, but I can say her insight and the touchings from Jesus about himself, his life and his friends lives (disciples etc) were on the money. I didn't read it word for word but just got a general feeling of the whole book. Heres what I jotted down. 'A Lay persons look at the bible. Her third-eye is definitely open. The realization that life is a drama, but as in a real drama why do I react too the actors, they have there part too play as well(don't blame).A compelling and thought provoking, inciteful look at the soul, emotional black holes and how practically Jesus and his diciples(friends) would have viewed life and spirituality. A practical look at the disciples and there daily walks. Particularly good, the worksheet at the end of each chapter for you the reader too churn and digest. Summing Up, a inspirational alternative look at Jesus Christ and the actors of that stage, connecting the heart of Jesus and his friends too my own heart, making two worlds into one, my reality and the reality of 2010 years ago, onto the same point in time, now. Reminds me of the book A Book of Miracles of 1990's time period Bravo Betsy its a safe bet:)