Sunday, October 3, 2010

Positive Thinking

In the world today, because the world and souls are starving for it, there are millions of Positive Thinking Speakers and motivational Gurus, i.e Deepak Chopra, Napoleon Hill, Ziggy Ziggler( 1950's),etc etc just too name a few. The difference between them and say religious founders is there commentary and understanding is unique and positive and will change peoples attitudes but it is limited too there own human experience, so it will only make people, at best as good as they are, where as generally the religious founders words and thoughts were based on there experience and connection too God, they were like conduits for Gods mind so too speak, apart from the Buddha who said too make up your own mind about God from your own experience (he was probably the only true and the first positive thinker and free thinker:)). So if we're spouting theory's of self-help and new age revolution we should include the words 'God Speaks' or 'God says' or in hindi 'Baba says', if we can't weave these comments into our motivational speech well then frankly there not worth the paper they were written on. Or if there not in our language then we are under the influence of ego. I am not saying too use the words 'I am God' no, but through my connection with God the Supreme Soul this is my experience, then you will see real results:)