Friday, October 29, 2010

todays flute of knowledge

Essence: Sweet children, you are the spiritual, incognito salvation army. You have to salvage
the whole world, and take the sinking boats across.

Question: Which university that doesn't exist throughout the whole cycle does the Father open at the confluence age?

Answer: It is only at the confluence age that the Father opens the God-Fatherly University and college for
studying to attain a kingdom. Such a university is not opened throughout the whole cycle. By studying in
this university you become the double-crowned kings of kings.

Blessing: May you invent new inventions for service with silence of the mind and become an embodiment of success.

In the beginning, when you had made a vow of silence, all of you used to be free and your time was saved.
In the same way, now observe silence of the mind through which no waste thoughts will come. Just as no
sound should emerge through your lips, in the same way, you should not have any waste thoughts – this is
silence of the mind and your time will be saved. Through this silence of the mind, such new inventions for
service will emerge that you will have to make less spiritual endeavour and will experience greater success.
Just as facilities of science show you the right method in a second, in the same way, with means of this silence,
you will find the right method in a second.

Slogan: Those who remain in a stage of surrender have everyone’s co-operation surrendered to them.