Monday, November 22, 2010

Dadi Janki-Co-ordinator of the Brahma Kumaris

Dadi Janki - 19th November 2010 – Shanti Sarovar, Hyderabad

The nourishment of happiness ends all weaknesses. Baba is not only giving us love, but teachings and blessings too. Always remind the self of: who am I? Who do I belong to? What do I need to do? It’s an exercise of only three minutes. Look at your own spiritual life: you first received understanding that transformed your thoughts and speech.

It is beautiful that my Father is also my Teacher and Satguru. He comes to transform the children, who will enter the new world, into Brahmins. No one can become a deity without first becoming a Brahmin.

Those who become part of the rosary of victory can never experience defeat. Those who are worthy of being remembered and idolized will always churn the knowledge well. Baba wants to see us equal to Himself. Pay attention to this and become the embodiment. Mama had always been attentive towards becoming the embodiment of Baba’s knowledge. Baba is working through us to make us elevated and we are merely His instruments.

According to drama, Baba is the Magician. We shouldn’t just listen to Baba’s words but listen with the aim of bringing them into practical life. Whatever you do and become now, will be what you do and become every cycle; this powerful awareness will help you make progress.

Dadi Janki - 20th November 2010 – Shanti Sarovar, Hyderabad

Keep Baba’s specialities in your awareness and the alloy within the self will be removed. There is great value for those who are becoming truthful. The time of Confluence Age is the time to end our weaknesses and accumulate virtues. Never forget that you are on the field of actions; continue to sow seeds of good actions. We have to become deities in the short time that remains. Baba speaks such murlis that we become ‘mastane’ (intoxicated yogis). The Murli gives us ‘understanding’ as well as cautions us. May you ensure that every moment of the Confluence Age is spent in a worthwhile way!

Om Shanti

"May you be holy, may you be yogi "