Monday, November 22, 2010


The Value of Time
Those souls who think and feel that there every action is valuable will also value other people and never waste time in useless or futile activity. In hindi this soul is called one who is Ecknami (the incarnation of economy). There thoughts words and actions are are measured and worth multi-millions. You may think how is this possible, too be worth multi-millions. And too be so accurate in everything. Well there is not many on this earth who can live up too this standard. Purity of the soul is needed and also a fantastic horoscope. Some of us were just not there when God handed out the smarts or virtues or were at the end of the cue. Too be of this level and acuteness you need too be able too recognize God accurately, where he is, what he looks like and what his real role is in the Human World, otherwise your on the wrong train, going the wrong way. Positive thinkers and self help gurus claim they have this knowledge but they are just looking at the tip of the iceberg, and there attitude is always egocentric; whats in it for me and my image. Where as Gods and a pure souls is all about universal outcomes and the benefit of the whole world, not just its people but the very atoms of matter as well.. The first step is too recognize yourself in your original form as a soul, a living point of light, not even a body and then communicate with God. And begin valueing your time