Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Don't be a miser

Remember the movie 'A Christmas Story' where scrooge, screwed his employees for every bit of overtime and holidays, and saw the Christmas Spirit as "Bah Humbug". In other words his spirit of generosity and empathy was stolen from him as a child and his only goal in life was too make money and get cranky. Well some spiritual souls are also like that. They pray or meditate on God every day, sometimes all day (monastry or retreat centre) they read and review spiritual knowledge they have a good and prosperous life due too there good actions but Bah Humbug they refuse too capitalize on there spiritual wealth, and shut up shop too the begging souls around them. I and Mine is the priority, God has chosen me and my ego, the rest can go too Hell. I hope you don't harbour this spitefull and poisonous attitude. We all do from time too time, usually due too a bad experience. So if this is the case chase those spiritual beggars out of your consciousness and come back too the here and now, a beautiful soul a living point of light , the child of God