Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The rates of some types of disease have skyrocketed in some cases and in other areas has been minimized or completely irradicated. Things like the bubonic plague, tuberculosis, have nearly disappeared but diseases like AIDS, cancer are on the increase. Science every day finds new cures and preventions but also diseases, viruses and superbugs also mutate themselves. Its like an ongoing war. Imagine a world without any sorrow, disease or war. Like the song from John Lennon, Imagine. If you look at the word disease it can be read as an unease or distress in the human being. Spiritually speaking karma and karmic accounts can rear there ugly heads in many forms. They can be of the mind and brain, like depression or bipolar disorder or be in the body like tumours and cancers. New Age thinkers such as Louise Hay have linked physical illnesses with spiritual blackholes, i.e Asthma is called smother love where the sufferer feels suffocated by an over protective Mother or spouse. And that negative feeling manifests in that way. Maybe there is a link between attitudes and actions or outcomes. A german council is looking at ways too break down sewerage with classical music such as Bach and Beethoven. If it can do this with bodily waste why not the body itself.
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