Monday, November 1, 2010

Life Experience

I felt God was calling me, like a phone ringing in a far off room in the back, I must drop everything and answer that phone. When I got to the phone I could here a voice, but it was muffled and inaudible, "Hello Hello anybody there, I new this was an urgent phone call but we could not connect, we could not hear each other". Then later that night I was in the lounge room watching the TV, the news was on, all of a sudden a news flash, there he was again, God was on the TV, but everything was snowy and indistinguishable, I couldn't make out his image clearly and the sound was crackling and staticy. Though I new this news was extremely important. My heart pounded, my senses strained, sweat trickled down my back, I new it was the call of time.
I began drawing pictures of God, at first black and white, using pencil. But eventually more clarity came, I chose a golden-red background like a sunset and around the middle of the page I place a diamond-star light point with a halo and surrounding other points of light like the Milky Way. This I felt was my home and the brighter star was God the Supreme Soul.
One morning I was awoken early, about 2.00am, and my bed literally rocked as though an earthquake had trembled, I scrambled out of bed and began meditating on the painting I had previously painted. Peace and power filled my mind, eminating fromthe image, waves of peace penetrated my mind , filling my soul. I felt I was face too face with God and Gods majesty was shattering my senses and my ego. A voice then filled my mind "Return too me O my beloved children. I have come too show mankind the way. Follow me. I will take all souls back too my Peaceful Abode, and shall bless them with Heavenly happiness, those of you who break away from the ego and evil of body consciousness and become holy".
I then felt a lasting detachment from my body for a number of weeks afterwards