Saturday, November 6, 2010

Expect the unexpected

If you were the commander and chief of an anti-terrorist group hired too protect the Commonwealth Games, and you new a specialized terrorist was coming too blow up not only you but half of Delhi, you would do something about it wouldn't you. Because you have inside information and predetermined as well. The same with accurate meditation, if you reach the level of a "Padma" (one who is multi-million fortunate at every step) your level of security must be and will be very high. Actually you will become the Hunter who hunts and seeks out the terrorists of anger,ego,attachment,lust and greed. The main player in spiritual assassinations is attachment. That is attachment too your own body and too the facilities(i.e computers), but you can still use these for world service of course. Yes these dacoits try too bail you up and rob you of your multi-millions, but if your in the know they will have no entry point, in fact they will help you become internationally known and also too glorify your boss, God himself. Keep your eyes peeled.