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Essence: Sweet children, this confluence age is the auspicious time to become the most elevated, because it is at this time that the Father teaches you the study to change you from an ordinary human into Narayan. 

Question:  What knowledge do you children have due to which you don't cry under any circumstances? 

Answer: You have the knowledge that this is a predestined drama. You know that each soul has his own part to play in this drama. The Father is giving us our inheritance of happiness, so how can we cry? We were concerned to find the One who lived beyond in the brahm element. We have now found Him, so what else do we need? Fortunate children never cry. 

Essence for dharna: 

1. Conquer the vices with the sword of knowledge. Fill yourself with sanskars of knowledge. Renounce the old world and your old body. 

2. Maintain the happiness of being fortunate. Don't worry about anything. Don't shed tears of sorrow even when someone leaves his body. 

Blessing: May you be a master creator and make every power of yours work under your orders. 

Before you begin any action, invoke the power required according to the action. Order it as a master because all of these powers are like your arms: your arms cannot do anything without your orders. Order the power of tolerance to make a task successful and see how success is guaranteed. However, instead of issuing an order, you become afraid and wonder whether you will be able to do it or not. When you have such fear, you are not able to issue an order. Therefore, be a master creator and become fearless to make every power work according to your order. 

Slogan: Reveal the Father who is the Bestower of Support and take everyone to the shores. 

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