Wednesday, November 10, 2010


In the study of human behaviour specialists deal alot with the human mind, especially the subconscious mind. It is taught that behavioural problems may have developed in childhood or even in the womb but are now manifesting now resulting in compulsive or unwanted behaviour. There are some specialists who take it even further and through hypnotism will regress a patient back in there lives too unlock some problem. So the key focus is unravelling the negative impulse(enogram in scientology). The one thing they do not know of which I will now reveal too you, that when you leave your body and take on another, you will not just travel towards the light down the tunnel, but you are also a living point of light called the soul. And your memories and impressions are contained in that light, not in matter. And this directs you on your journey. So a human may be able too unlock some blockages, and a priest may hear a confession, but they can,t actually purify the soul. That is Gods job, but he wont do it willy nilly, you actually have too engage your minds eye on that being of eternal pure light, and your sins are slowly but surely burnt away, so too speak. But depending on how many births you have taken on this human drama stage, the more sense this will make too you. Because this imformation is also contained in the soul. So if you descended down from the home,Soul world the same time as the Christ soul then this wont make much sense, because you will see Christ as your guide and purifier. But if you descended at the time of Adam and Eve then this will make alot of sense.Are you getting the picture?