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Dadi Janki – 12.11.10 evening – Meeting Double Foreigners, Pandav Bhavan

Sweet chitchat with Baba

To be happy and content in Madhuban is to apply a stamp to the self to be happy forever. When a letter is posted without a stamp, it goes here and there, whereas with a stamp from the Post Office it reaches its destination. What stamp do we get? That of having no pulls, no attachments – our final stage: I know that I am a soul, Baba is my Father and that drama is very accurate. I know who I belong to and what I am supposed to do. There is no problem. Baba doesn't have to worry about me.

When we ask Baba a question, He gives the answer. Some say that they get Baba's touching, whereas actually it's their own desire.  The feeling has to be real inside me that this is Baba's answer and there's not the slightest trace of my own sanskars mixed in that.  I shouldn't have a sensitive nature; I have to make my stage clean, pure and totally honest and for that I have to do the work. If I want to put milk into a pot, I have to clean the pot first.

In the Gita it says that it is to eat without offering food to God first is theft. In the early days in Abu we couldn't afford luxurious food; we would offer popcorn. I once said to Baba: "Baba, You are incorporeal; You don't need to eat." Baba replied: I can speak through this one and so can I not eat too? When BapDada comes, we offer to both of them.

It isn't just my job to remember Baba – we all have to. We are all lovers of the One Beloved.  To chitchat with Baba is a very good method to finish waste thoughts. Some people don't even realise they are having waste thoughts, like 'This should happen' or 'This shouldn't happen'.  We have to create such a powerful atmosphere that everyone's waste thoughts finish.

People keep saying: "Dadi, you are so old; you shouldn't travel so much." I am not old!  I don't feel any physical problems. But I did ask Baba the question: "Why am I still here?  Is there anything still for me to do to become karmateet?  Baba, You can call me to the subtle region and I can do service from there."  What was Baba's answer?  Baba said: Can't you be living there, serving physically, whilst being in the subtle region? Even if I call you, you will not come, because in your mind is the thought: I have to fulfill all Baba's desires.  Baba's lovely creation needs sustenance so I have to be here.  In Sunday's avyakt murli, Baba talked about 'nirakari' (incorporeal), alankari (decorated with all the ornaments) and kalyankari (being a benefactor).  Baba then asked me: Why did you ask Me this question? Just stay quiet; don't say anything and be ready, whenever Baba calls you. I would like all of you to have the experience of being called to the subtle region. Baba can pull you very easily.

As in today's blessing, let your remembrance be unadulterated, with nothing mixed in.  My intellect shouldn't be pulled to any bodily being and neither should theirs be pulled towards me. If I make just one mistake, my status will be lower. To achieve a high status, I have to be disciplined about following the codes of conduct. I mustn't get upset by anyone. If my stage is such for a long period of time, then whatever obstacles come along (and they will come), I'll destroy them. Let me be close to Baba and let there be love for being equal to Baba.  If I keep Baba in front of me, close, I'll receive so much power that I can be the detached observer and become like Baba. We have to become equal to Baba.  But we are the children; we are not Baba. My drishti should be as powerful as Baba's - this depends on my attitude – then I can make everyone an easy yogi. The effort has to be mine; then my stage will benefit others and it won't be hard work. But first I have to become that – a constant, easy yogi. If anything happens, remember: 'I belong to Baba and Baba belongs to me.' That experience makes me powerful and gives others power.

Dadi is here to look after and sustain you all.  There are three more days before Baba's meeting. Each one should consider how their stage should be, so that when Baba sees you, He should embrace you.  Today we are happy. Let us move along happily and reach our destination together. Never forget the days of your childhood.  Baba is giving us all so many gifts, so take a lift and let there be complete transformation.

Om shanti.


Dadi Janki - 12th November 2010 - Lotus House, Ahmedabad

What do I need to do now?

When we remain above, we can keep all other matters down below. Baba helps us emerge memories and matters related to the soul. When astronauts go beyond the Sun and Moon, they are not able to see anything connected with the world below.  If you want to destroy past sins, then step onto the spiritual gallows! The physical gallows cause sorrow whereas these gallows make you the remover of sorrow!

It is only possible to do the highest charity at the Confluence Age. Whatever I do now, I will do the same in the next cycle. Think about his deeply.  It is time to clear old matters from my heart. I have to now engage in new and positive things. Keep the habit of forgetting what you did even yesterday. Just focus on what you need to do now.

Time is short - each one should make 10 others equal to himself. When I talk about 'I', I should remember 'I' is that I who belongs to Baba. When I talk about 'us' then I should remember the divine family. Let there be deep love for the family.

There is nothing difficult here. Baba has taught us and then given sustenance. Continue to sing songs of 'Wah! Wah!' not of 'Why? Why?' Maintain a chart of your character. Baba has come to make my character elevated. Keep this awareness. Let my character be so elevated that others are inspired to transform themselves on seeing me!

Keep smiling in all situations. This is the easy method to claim a royal status. Does intoxication precede happiness or does happiness come before intoxication? The minute intoxication wanes, happiness disappears as well.

Remember: A loving intellect will always experience victory.

Om Shanti

"May you be holy, may you be yogi "

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