Monday, November 15, 2010

What God wants from me

In a recent very deep meditation experience I felt and heard directly from God what he wants of me in this world at this time. First of all he expressed too me the only way too transform my negative or evil nature from the past is through the power of love, not any type of love but love from him in meditation.Up until now there hasn't been, if any, speed in transformation of my devilish nature and time is running out for that too happen. The 5 elements and the karmic account of souls is soon going too come into major upheaval and chaos will reign supreme momentarily. Then I and all the souls of the earth will be sent home. My consciousness should be such that any thoughts I have should also come into the practical immediately, this can only occur with pure soul conscious or God-like thoughts, negative and impure; even ordinary take time and effort too come into a practical form or a physical outcome. Pure thoughts materialize pure outcomes instantly. Do you have the courage too think like this? Is this just a pipe dream, if so leave this website immediately your blocking traffic. If you have the courage too think like this, too do this the Father will give 1000 fold help in return. Your aim and qualifications should become one and the same. Let this sound echo in everyones ears that the Father has come, God has come. Go beyond religion, caste and creed and see everyone as a soul your brother