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New Released DVD
LETTER & The Nine Forms of  MATESHWARI   (Hindi)


On the path of devotion we heard about God as a Mother, Father, Teacher, Guide, Companion,

Friend... However at that time we could not even imagine that incorporeal God would practically come

on the Earth and play His role in creating, sustaining and teaching His beloved children, souls.

Today hundreds thousand people in the world have such experience.

Film "Letter" includes interviews of such lucky souls, who got sustenance in times of Brahma Baba,

bodily medium, through whom our Beloved Shiv Baba played all His roles. We hope that you would be

merged in the very depth of this spiritual experience and the film would help you to establish all different

relationships with Shiv Baba.

The Nine Forms of  MATESHWARI

On the path of bhakti

people worship goddesses.

Actually this is a memorial of the powers of soul.

Mama was an embodiment

of all these powers. It was seen in her actions..

1.        Prologue.


 2.       Goddess SARASWATI. The symbol of Knowledge.


 3.       Goddess AMBA. The symbol of Fulfilment.


 4.       Goddess UMA. The symbol of Enthusiasm.


 5.       Goddess VAISHNO. The symbol of Purity.


 6.       Goddess KALI. The symbol of Fearlessness.


 7.       Goddess GAYATRI. The symbol of Auspicious Omens.


 8.       Goddess SANTOSHI. The symbol of Contentment.


 9.       Goddess DURGA. The symbol of Shakti (divine energy).


10.      Goddess LAKSHMI. The symbol of Wealth.


11.      Epilogue.

available at Audio Visual Counter Shantivan.


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