Saturday, December 4, 2010


Attitude isnt something you experience in an A300 at 20 000 feet or when climbing the Himalayas, though it may play a big part in your reaction too the experience. No it is very subtle and sublime, positive spin doctors use it alot in there seminars, If you read books like The Secret, you'll see it bantered around alot. But we actually deal with it and live by it every day, every moment of our waking lives, and it even haunts us in our dreams. Its like talking about subatomic particles (quarks) in science. It is even deeper than thoughts, its is the influencing force behind thoughts, it is like the gene pool of the soul. It guides us like a flock of migrating geese, makes us choose our parents and our enemies and friends. It is also the place in our heart where we experience accumulated burden and sin from our unresolved karmic accounts. It is the launching pad for the soul too fly or too sink into the depths of hell. The only way too clean it and lighten it is through direct contact with God in meditation or through great pain and tragedy such as an Apocolypse. Have you seen the movie Apocolypto it gives a good sense of the weight of such a tragedy. So I suggest you take the road less travelled and try some meditation in your life:) Om Shanti