Monday, December 6, 2010

Third eye of knowledge

This is sometimes called the inner eye, it is like the eyes of the soul, it needs truth and power too attain clarity otherwise it is like blurred vision or a veil over your inner eye. It actually requires the presence of God too unlock this divine intellect, but just as easily it will close again if the dust of maya falls on it or impure actions are done, so we need too maintain its clarity with deep meditation and pure knowledge and of course charitable action. Just as whatever you look at with your physical eyes creates a picture in the minds eye, which can be recalled at anytime so true, whatever you look at with your minds eye creates feelings and attitudes, sometimes good sometimes bad, so with your 3rd eye if you just keep looking at God and his wonders, eventually all you will see is God everywhere. Its will be as if he is omnipresent. So too keep your third-eye healthy keep on the glasses of introspection and don't be wearing those fancy coloured glasses of discrimination or ego.Remember the Lord of the Rings, and the giant tower of Sorran with the eye that could see everything, particularly the ring-bearer. So we are like the Lords and Ladies of the Ring, we must protect it but not wear it or become influenced by its power or the darkness will take advantage of us and use us too spread the Empire of darkness