Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Benefits of remembering God

                                   Why remember God?

If you look at God as just another soul but with special amazing qualifications. Remember the Buddhist ideas of Akashic records which are stored somewhere in another dimension, containing a record of your each and every breath and thought from birth after birth. Because God isn’t confined too a human role or too laws of this world
His third eye is permanently open, and thus he can see every souls past present and future at the blink of an eye. But still even with this amazing ability he does not judge, it is not in his nature, because he is the most universal being of love as well. So when you connect your minds eye too this being or even call his name, then all that power and knowledge will automatically flow into you like osmosis. And the more powerful and accurate your call or connection is the more power and sight comes into your third eye. It is so simple. Arrogant men complicate it and turn away from God due too claiming worldly knowledge ie 1+1=2, this will also intoxicate our brains superficially, but calculation and ego tend not too, by nature, too include God. So quickly a slippery slope of name and fame is born. So too really ignite the light of the soul as the Prophets and Saints did, your heart must be linked too God in whatever form you can God link J