Monday, July 11, 2011

Going too Heaven or Soul World

According too some or all religious beliefs, too go too Heaven or too the Kingdom of God, you need too read this or that scripture every day, you need too pray 5 times a day and act in a virtueous manner, whilst following the law of your belief system. In fact too get into Heaven or 'too go home' the soul needs too be perfectly clean and pure, not just superficially . Why? because Soul world where god resides is a world of light and silence, and at the moment our consciousness is very much on the side of darkness and materialism. The consciousness should be I am a soul a point of light my original religion is Peace. But instead it is I am a Catholic or I am a Hindu etc and I am a male, or I am a businessman etc. So too lighten our consciousness we need too do alot of internal work, i.e to meditate and become introvert. If we do not come up with the goods matter itself and all our karmic bondages will do the work of seperation for us, you want the easy way or the hard way. This is why practically we can see increases in calamities, social unrest and general unhappiness. I am not a doomsday advocate but the cards are on the table. Some are so mesmerized by the hum of false music that they wont see it till the train hits them, others such as readers of this blog will act, the too late sign isn't up yet :)