Sunday, July 10, 2011

How do desires trap the soul

They don't openly trap the soul, but subtley do, because our well being becomes addicted too certain outcomes and things. Too have beautiful things and beautiful people around you is naturally very good and keeps you safe and content, but if these things are born out of desire there potency will be limited and controlling. All things we manifest in our lives should just be that, manifested from light (God), i.e from pure karma, not by tooth and nail (impure attitude). That is out of impure, ego-driven actions. These also will bring results but are called short term benefits and are based upon selfish motives, these may be girlfriends,cars, titles, money. When your heart and mind are doing Gods work, that is universal work the returns are 1000 fold every second. This is the best form of action and it also brings with it happiness and peace. Sure you have too pay the bills and feed the family but also you can connect souls too God at the same time