Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fwd: {Essence of Murli} EME - 21-07-2011

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Date: 21 July 2011 11:28
Subject: {Essence of Murli} EME - 21-07-2011

Essence: Sweet children, only the one Father reforms everything that has gone wrong for you, that is, only the one Father creates your fortune. He gives you knowledge and makes you fortunate. 

Question: What discipline do you children have in this spiritual furnace (bhatti)? 

Answer: Those who sit in this spiritual furnace (bhatti), that is, those on the pilgrimage of remembrance, should never have thoughts going here and there. Only the one Father should be remembered. If your intellect wanders here and there, you continue to yawn and doze off and the atmosphere is spoilt. You then cause yourself a loss. 

Song: Neither should the heart's support break nor should your fortune break after it has been created… 

Essence for dharna: 

1. In order to claim a high status in the golden age, follow the mother and father fully. Make effort in the same way. Remain busy in service. Study with concentration. 

2. Keep a true chart of remembrance. Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. Don't remember your body or bodily beings. 

Blessing: May you be free from all attractions and experience supersensuous joy through your constant and stable stage. 

When you become free from the attraction of the physical senses and bodily relations you will then be able to experience supersensuous joy. When you are influenced by any of your physical senses different attractions then create obstacles in your experiencing supersensuous joy and in giving happiness. However, when your intellect is free from all attractions and becomes stable in one place and all fluctuation finishes, then, by having a constant and stable stage, you experience supersensuous joy. 

Slogan: Constantly keep the line of your intellect clear and you will be able to understand the feelings in the minds of others. 

For service through the mind: I, the soul, am doing tapasya sitting under the kalpa tree and giving all the powers and the water of purity to the trunk and leaves of all religions of the kalpa tree.