Monday, July 18, 2011

Real Meditation and communion

                                                   The real Yoga of Bharat
Meditation or Yoga, yoga is the original word for meditation.  Meditation literally means union or communion. These words are found in Christian realms a lot, particularly the word communion. Such as in First Holy Communion, where young Christians are connected closer too Christ, through the introduction of the taking of a host or the breaking of bread which has been baked and blessed in rememberance of Christ. This signifys the taking of the body of Christ, because he gave up his body on the cross for the sake of all Christians, so he literally sacrificed himself in the name of God. (I was brought up as a Catholic). Now in terms of Yoga and spirituality the sacrificing of the body carries the same significance and weight. In Raja Yoga Meditation the aim is, through a higher consciousness, too become the King (raja) of your sense organs through connecting your heart and mind too God (supreme soul). So basically the sense organs become cooled and you can master them instead of the opposite. So it is like dying alive, where the ego is transformed into a super consciousness of being a world benefactor. So too go into Heaven as Jesus wanted literally every atom of this old corrupt world has too be transformed, too create Heaven on earth. Because our ego based consciousness has corrupted earth and each other. So it must be sacrificed, as Jesus did on the cross. I am not talking in a cult way but naturally the earth and its people will be sacrificed on the cross of amergeddon and cataclysmic upheaval. The writing is on the wall folks J But union with God will soften the blow or even totally nullify it Try some real meditation