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Today's Murli - 29.07.2011

Morning Murli    Om Shanti    BapDada

Essence: Sweet children, become detached from your body while alive. Become bodiless and remember the Father. This is known as dead silence.

Question: You children are now making your foundation strong. On what basis do you make it strong?
Answer: On the basis of purity. The purer the soul becomes, that is, the more it becomes real gold, the stronger it becomes. Baba is now laying such a strong foundation of self-sovereignty that no one can shake that foundation for half the cycle. No one can snatch away your kingdom.

Song: Salutations to Shiva...

Om shanti. 
Baba says: Remember Me, that is, become bodiless, that is, let there be dead silence, just as there is dead silence when someone dies. They say: His body has become silent. As soon as the soul and the body become separate, everything ends. When all you children sit here it is called dead silence. Become bodiless while alive! Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father! You know that this is true peace. Those people don't know what peace is. They don't know the meaning of dead silence. Why do they say "dead silence"! To remind you that that person has died and that he has Become silent. You also die, that is, you become silent. When eminent people go to the sacred memorial of Gandhiji, they say: Let there be dead silence, that is, sit in silence. You know that you souls are embodiments of peace. The world doesn't know this. We stabilise in our original form. Our original religion is peace. We souls are embodiments of peace. They don't know this, and this is why they ask for peace. The soul says: I want peace! The soul has forgotten his original religion. In fact, the religion of the soul is peace. So, why does the soul say that he is peaceless? Just sit down and become bodiless. Those people sit and do breath control exercises (pranayama) by force as though they have died. That is called artificial peace. You children know that your original religion is peace. You souls are receiving your sovereignty. It is the soul that becomes everything. The soul becomes a barrister. The soul says: I want a kingdom. The soul claimed a kingdom previously and has come to claim it once again. When people are body conscious, they experience sorrow. You now understand that you are souls and that you have come to claim your sovereignty from the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. You souls want your kingdom. The soul asks the unlimited Father for sovereignty at this time. Shri Krishna had sovereignty and then he lost it. The Father has come and is now giving you children the kingdom. This is called Raja Yoga. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, teaches you Raja Yoga. Because human beings are body conscious, they say: I am So-and-so! They consider the body to be "I", the self. In fact, it is the soul that says. "I, I". The soul says: I am picking this thing up. A female would say: I am picking this thing up (using the female gender). In fact, the soul is male. I, the soul, am a son of the Father. The soul says: Baba, I am claiming my sovereignty from You. The Supreme Soul gives you souls your sovereignty. Look how much difference there is between devotion and knowledge! There are temples to Shiva. The most bells are also rung in temples to Shiva. They awaken Him. They awaken everyone. Bands play early in the morning. Here, the Father awakens you children and makes you into deities. There is no question of ringing bells etc. The Father says: If you want your sovereignty, first of all become pure! You have your aim and objective in your intellects. Students say: I will pass my matriculation and then do this. Sannyasis want to have peace. There is a story about a queen who was searching for her necklace while it was around her neck. Similarly, those people also search outside for peace. However, the soul is an embodiment of peace. The soul has forgotten his original religion and now considers himself to be a body. The Father reminds you once again: You are a soul. You souls have taken 84 births. No one else can explain these things. The Father says: You don't know your own births. I tell you about them. You are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. The Father has explained: You cannot imbibe knowledge without purity. It is said: You need a golden vessel to hold the milk of a lioness. Here, too, a golden vessel is required. The soul becomes gold by remembering the Father. The Father too is real gold. The soul remembers the Father then knowledge is able to enter the intellect. No one is affected by the knowledge that you were pure and real gold. The Father says: I give you souls sovereignty. You receive this sovereignty when it is the end of the old world and the beginning of the new world. People have a limited kingdom now. They never receive an unlimited kingdom. They cannot become the masters of the world. You become those through the Father. Only God, the Father, knows about your 84 births. Deities cannot know their births. If they were to know about them, they would become unhappy. They would wonder if they are going to continue to come down the ladder. They would lose the happiness of the kingdom. Here, you know everything. You know that you are souls. There is no question of doubt about this. You listen to one another and your number continues to grow. This tree of the deity religion is being established. When someone comes, you can understand: This one who belongs to our Brahmin clan has come; he has completed devotion and has now come to claim his inheritance from the Father. When knowledge comes to an end, devotion begins. No one knows this. A building too is first new and then becomes old. A building with a weak foundation definitely has a shorter life span. Nowadays, they build very strong buildings so that even when there is an earthquake, they don't fall and there's no loss. They build them very strong. They make the foundation very strong. You are now laying the foundation for your sovereignty. The soul receives the kingdom for 21 births. Kingdoms here are nothing. Today, they have a kingdom and tomorrow, someone attacks them and everything would be over. There is no foundation to anything. Human beings have no foundation either - they are here today and gone tomorrow. Baba is now laying a strong foundation for you so that you claim your fortune of the kingdom for 21 births. There is a strong foundation being laid for your kingdom. No physical storms can shake you. It also says in the song: Baba is giving you such a kingdom that no can take it away from you or make it fall. He gives you such sovereignty that there isn't the slightest mention of sorrow there. You souls should experience so much happiness! You have that faith, don't you? If there isn't faith, that soul isn't worthy of going to heaven. There are so many Brahma Kumars and Kumaris: they continue to increase. You know that the Ocean of Knowledge, the Purifier, is teaching us Raja Yoga. People say that Krishna taught it. How can they understand that Shiv Baba entered a human body and taught it? Bharat was pure and is now impure. They go and bow down in front of the deity idols and sing their praise. They would never sing in front of Shiva: You are full of all virtues, sixteen celestial degrees full. The praise of Shiva is different. He is the Ocean of Knowledge, the Purifier, the Bestower of Salvation for All, the Innocent Lord who fills everyone's apron. Everyone has forgotten such a Father. People call out to the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, to come and remove their sorrow and give them happiness. The Remover of Sorrow and Bestower of Happiness is only the One. His directions are the most elevated. They are the directions of God, the doubly elevated One, through which you become elevated. The Government too says that this world is corrupt. They don't know who can make it elevated. They think that sages etc. will make it elevated. However, they can't do that. It is the task of the Father alone. Previously, they used to follow the directions of the one king. In the golden age, you don't have advisers etc. The emperors themselves would have the power. The name "advisers" is not mentioned there. You understand that you became the masters of the world and ruled the kingdom. You have to go and rule it as you did previously. Truly there was the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan in the golden age. Everyone will receive his or her own kingdom. Krishna will have his own kingdom. There are also other kings. There are at least eight, but then, whether there are eight or 108, you will know as you progress further. It isn't that you would now be given the knowledge that you are to be given at the end. The Father will continue to give knowledge to those who are still alive. He has to give it. It is fixed in the drama. The part of the Supreme Soul is at this time. The part of giving knowledge is fixed for this time. The Father says: You will understand a lot more as you progress further. He continues to explain to you day by day. You should also know how you rule the kingdom there and how marriage takes place there. When you go into trance, you see Paradise (Vaikunth) and how there are golden palaces there. There is nothing but gold there. You see yourself in the land of divinity. Buildings of gold bricks are being built. You feel that you should bring some bricks back, but when you come down from trance you see yourself here. In trance, Meera used to see herself dancing with Krishna. You also go to the subtle region, but there are no flesh and bones there, and you become angels. Even the body of Brahma is visible in the subtle region. This same one becomes an angel. You see gardens etc. The Father grants you visions. You say that Baba is giving you mango juice (subiras) to drink. He cannot give you that to drink in the subtle region. The flowers and fruit in Paradise are first-class. There aren't any gardens in the subtle region. You say that you went to a garden and that there was a prince there. That is Vaikunth. You cannot find the things of Vaikunth here. There, all things are first-class. The Father says: I am making you into the masters of Vaikunth. Here, there is nothing but sorrow. There isn't a single human being who doesn't say: O God, liberate me from sorrow! They remember God when in sorrow. A worshipper of Krishna would say, "Take Krishna's name" and a worshipper of Hanuman would say, "Victory to Hanuman." Here, the Father says: Constantly remember Me alone! Remember Me in such a way that, at the end, there will be no awareness of anything else. When people used to sacrifice themselves at Kashi, they would realise the sins they had committed and feel as though they were experiencing the punishment of birth after birth. Many sins have been committed. This is called the world of sinful souls. Souls are sinners. It is souls that call out to the Father: O Supreme Father, Supreme Soul! O Shiv Baba, Resident of the Supreme Land. He only has one real name. He is the Father of all souls. It doesn't seem right to say "saligrams" after the name Rudra. It seems right to say, "Shiva and the saligrams!" They create an oval Shivalingam and also saligrams out of clay. Only He is the Purifier. They even create sacrificial fires here. Bharat is the most elevated of all, but they have forgotten the deity religion. Your religion is the original eternal deity religion. That should have continued all the time. Hinduism is not a religion. Those of the deity religion go through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. When they come into the tamo stage, they can no longer call themselves deities. In fact, there is no Hindu religion. Therefore, it is explained to you: You can become deities, so come and understand this. They reply that they don't have the time! The Father says: I make you belong to Me in order to give you the inheritance of happiness and peace. Some families live together and interact with one another with a lot of love. They put all their earnings together and there is no upheaval about anything. However, this place cannot be called heaven. In no single home in the golden age, is anyone ever ill or unhappy: the very name is heaven. There, everyone remains happy. You have come to the Father to claim your inheritance of constant happiness. You have now received knowledge. You say: Baba, You are the Purifier. Purify us! You children are also the Father's Godly helpers. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father. BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:
1. In order to claim self-sovereignty, now make the foundation of purity strong. Just as the Father is the Purifier, so become as pure as the Father.
2. Stabilise yourself in your original religion of peace. Renounce body consciousness as much as possible and remain soul conscious. Practise remaining in dead silence, that is, practise becoming bodiless.

Blessing: May you be powerful and with your catching power, catch your real sanskars and become an embodiment of them.
The main basis of effort is catching power. Just as scientists are able to catch sound in advance, in the same way, with the power of silence, catch your original deity sanskars. For this, always have the awareness that you were that and are once again becoming that. The more you catch those sanskars, the more you will become an embodiment of them. Things that happened 5000 years ago should be experienced as clearly as if it were a matter of yesterday. Make your awareness so elevated and clear then you will then become powerful.

Slogan: The breath of Brahmin life is happiness. Even if you leave your body, you must not lose your happiness.

For service through the mind:
Become free in your mind and with your pure attitude and thoughts, do the service of transforming the atmosphere of the world. For this, constantly keep the attitude of the mind be clean and clear. Let there not be any conflict in your mind for only then will you be able to serve with a pure attitude.


BK Pooran kanta.