Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The call of time

                                                           DO YOU BELIEVE?

Can you hear the bells ringing??? Ding dong ding dong
Has the Fat Lady sung her song?
Whats wrong whats wrong?
Do you like a Hijab or a Sarong?
Is your faith rock solid, unshakeable and immovable, come hell or high water?
Who will you turn too at the eleventh hour, is it God or a Golden Deer
The clock is striking the midnight hour
Are you a Princess or a Seer?
Are you decorated with skull and crossbones or with a flower?
An army of Angels has been unleashed, Hark can you hear the beating of there wings?
Can you hear the crying and gnashing of teeth of your brother or sister?
The Light will conquer the darkness, it has been prophesized
Christ will be seen again, Thy Kingdom has come, A man from the East will be the vessel for the antichrist
The Day of Judgement is on the horizon, man will judge himself against the light of God
And any wrong doings or sin will automatically evaporate like mist rising off a lake
But Mother Nature also needs too heal, she will be angry, she will throw tantrums
White man will fight against white man, Christian against muslim, brother against sister
All imbalances have too be rectified, nullified, sanctified,
Fire,water,earth,air and ether, all will be purified
The horsemen of the Apocalypse are on the move, hoofs drumming, mouths lathered in sweat
The earth will be leveled with a giant broom and turned so the Garden of Eden can sprout once again
5000 years hence Heaven was there, the birds of paradise sang there enchanting songs
Can you hear there musical melodies, can you see the beautiful faces of  Valhalla
They are also calling, calling ………calling
Ding dong ding dong