Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Food for thought

"For the mind, you need churning power and for words and deeds you have to imbibe the power to tolerate and then, whatever words you speak and deeds you perform will be according to that. If you have both of these powers, the path of effort will then become easy and clear for everyone.". So what is churning power, basically it means experience.Or wisdom, most adults receive it after running the gauntlet of life, by experiencing trials and tribulations, success and defeat. But a true yogi also gets it through there experiences in meditation, turning the wheels of time backwards and forwards whilst sitting in a state of suspended animation, connecting too God who has the intellect of the wise, and travelling the 3 worlds too Paramdam and back. This all gives the soul very deep experiences, so that automatically correct words and good deeds are enacted. So all the nourishment is given too the soul making it supersensuous and strong.