Thursday, October 20, 2011

Customs and import, export infringements are on the rise across the globe, in today's modern fragile world. Food items and any item which can be a transmitter of disease or bacteria etc must be quarantined  for a period of time too make sure nothing impure passes into a pure environment or protected environment. The same with our spiritual efforts, and connection too God. If we want too move up in the level of our relationship with a higher power and also with ourselves, we need too stop the flow of impure thoughts, words and actions, crossing the borders of the soul (the heart and mind) and poisoning or interfering with our new found self respect, our love for God and our fellow travelers.Now also the arrival of terrorism has doubled, even tripled security measures, in the spiritual world lust and ego are the great terrorists which can kill your reserves of peace and happiness, be on the lookout for these. You are an oasis of peace and purity through which God does his international work, don,t jepoardize this. then you will definitely get a first class seat in Heaven