Friday, November 18, 2011

Gmail - Fwd: {Essence of Murli} EME - 19-11-2011 -

Essence: Sweet children, this destination is very high. Therefore, don’t waste your time but make effort to become satopradhan.

Question: What is the main reason why some children are not in the stage of ascending?
Answer: While moving along, if there is the slightest arrogance or you consider yourself to be very clever, or you miss the murli, or you disobey Father Brahma, then there cannot be the stage of ascending. When you climb off the heart of the corporeal one, it means that you also climb off the heart of the incorporeal One.
Song: Thousands of people of this world…

Essence for dharna:

1. In order to receive thanks from BapDada, become His helper in His elevated task. Give Baba news of the service you do.
2. Don’t show any disrespect by becoming body conscious. Don’t have any wrong intoxication. Don’t waste your time. Become serviceable and create methods of doing service.

Blessing: May you experience refinement through spiritual exercise and self-control and become an angel.

Refinement of the intellect and lightness is the personality of Brahmin life. Refinement is greatness. However, for this, every day at amrit vela, perform the spiritual exercise of being bodiless and observe precautions about the food of waste thoughts. You have to have self-control in order to observe precautions. At any time, only accept the food of thoughts that you have to. Do not take extra food of waste thoughts, for only then will you have a refined intellect and be able to attain your aim of the angelic form.

Slogan: A great soul is one who follows shrimat accurately at every step at every second.