Sunday, November 20, 2011

True Spiritual Silence is like when you get an injection from a surgeon or Dentist , an aneasthesic before they perform an operation. Depending on the severity of the operation it can be a local or general aneasthesic. So you are numb too any pain , if operating on the brain this is not needed because the brain does not have any nerves (interesting). Its protection is it floats in a sea of fluid. So if you are having an accurate connection too the Highest power (God) in meditation or prayer (whatever) the soul begins too float on a cloud of peace and silence, and continuous power is pumped through the soul and through the body. So any accidents are buffered or completely erased. Nowadays people use artificial stimulation too achieve this euphoria, namely drugs, sex, alcohol, adrenalin etc too stay on top of things , but these are only limited power sources, the Supreme is unlimited but you need the correct techniques too tap into this resource