Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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Essence: Sweet children, you actors have the hero and heroine parts in this drama. Throughout the whole cycle, no one else has a hero part like you.

Question: Who can pass the examination to change from humans into deities?
Answer: Those who follow the Father and become as pure as the Father can pass this examination. You are receiving an unlimited inheritance for 21 births and so you definitely do have to make a little effort. If you don’t make effort now, you won’t make effort every cycle. In that case, how would you claim a high status? If you become pure, you claim a high status. Otherwise, there will have to be punishment.

Essence for dharna:
1. Become true followers of the one Father and become completely pure. Make effort to claim an inheritance for 21 births.
2. Your mouth mustn’t even say, “Oh Shiv Baba!”. Go beyond sound! Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father internally.

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of supersensuous joy and bliss who is ignorant of labour with the experience of the constant company of the Father.

When a child is in his father’s lap, he does not feel tired. When he walks by himself he would feel tired and would also cry. Here, too, you children are moving along while seated in the Father’s lap and so you don’t experience the slightest labour or difficulty in anything. Souls who constantly stay with the Father at the confluence age become ignorant of labour. Even their effort becomes a natural act. Therefore, they become natural embodiments of constant supersensuous joy and bliss.

Slogan: Become a spiritual rose and spread the fragrance of spirituality into the atmosphere through your spiritual attitude.