Monday, January 30, 2012

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Instead of thinking of the situation, think of your own stage.

When you find yourself questioning the things that are happening in your life, ask yourself if your own stage is good.

The situation might be bad, but check if your own stage is good and if you have the power to face the situation.

The reason for losing the stage in a negative situation is because of negative thoughts.

In order to finish such negative thoughts, remind yourself that you are learning from the things that are happening so that you can improve your own stage.

When you are full with the nourishment of happiness you will remain healthy.

Just as the body needs food each day, check if you are giving the nourishment of happiness for the well being of the mind.

When the mind is healthy with this regular diet, the body will remain healthy too.

In the busy schedule of the day, make sure you make time for yourself.

For at least a few minutes, do something that you enjoy and which relaxes your mind.

It is essential that the mind is given the food it requires everyday to keep it healthy.