Monday, January 30, 2012

Conflict occurs due too difference of opinion, which is a naturally occurring thing in this day and age. Even people of the one family can’t get on all the time. Another form of conflict we are more and more encountering  is with the 5 elements, especially the weather or rain. For all souls too be on the same page, if at all possible, they would have too be of the same attitude, or you could say consciousness (i.e higher or lower) . A typical example might be a Judge and a criminal, of course there attitude wont be on the same level, or a Buddhist monk and a car salesman. So too achieve this clarification and positive thinking is needed, this is achieved through meditation, not just on a mantra or a statue but on God, the Supreme Soul. It works through the process of osmosis and assimilation. Just as a radar or a tv aerial is aimed in the direction  of the sender or station, and it produces a picture with sound, depending on the receiver, and you can watch in 3d, record, select channels etc, in the same way when we connect  our minds eye with God the Supreme power source (or you can say intellect) then we download all of Gods powers and virtues into our being. Of course we need our mind and intellect too be virus free and capable of storing such power and transforming such pure information. The key too this is soul consciousness, this is the Bluetooth connection that is needed.  And if you get a group of like- minded soul able too achieve this then no conflict will occur in that group ever.