Monday, January 23, 2012

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Instead of identifying yourself as a body, identify yourself as a soul, a subtle (non-physical) star without any physical form and dimensions, a point source of light energy and consciousness.

Whatever you do or say, it is you, the soul, who is performing that action through the body.

The soul is like a driver and the body is the car.

To be in complete control, the driver has to sit in the place where he has access to the controls and also can collect all the necessary information to make decisions.

The soul is located in the centre of the forehead in the brain.

The soul has basic, peaceful, positive qualities – peace, love, joy, power, purity, knowledge and bliss.

In meditation create an awareness of yourself as a soul.

This naturally leads to an experience of these peaceful, positive qualities.

This is what is called 'soul-consciousness'. It is not just something to experience while in meditation alone, but also as we perform actions.