Sunday, January 22, 2012

Good thoughts good actions

Meditation concerns the cleansing and focus of the minds eye or in worldly terms they say the intellect. All it is in fact all our whole life is , is a collection of thoughts coupled with actions. Someone may be considered smart, but in fact that soul has earn't that ability from doing pure actions in this lifetime or maybe previously. Nothing in the greater scheme of things is of chance. So also in the here and now if in your meditations and inner work you are really beginning too get results, your heart is feeling good, you feel more positive, you cant then blow it my doing wrong or bad actions. Why? because it upsets and stops the flow of pure energy from the Universe too your soul. You will have too retrace your steps and perhaps start again. Black and White are opposites, meditation and sin dont mix. Some meditations such as Tantric Yoga focus on sexuality or others on cursing or hexing people, these are true meditations. Naturally they will stagnate and shrivel up.