Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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Karmic Debts

The third method of settling our karmic debts and setting ourselves free:
3. Connecting With The Supreme Source

The third and most effective way to heal and clear the burden of our karmic debt, both inside and outside, is through the process of meditation.

In meditation, we establish a direct link with the Supreme Soul, the Source of spiritual love, light and power.

When we are directly connected to the Sun of spiritual energy, we can allow that energy to heal the negative sanskaras (habits and tendencies) within our own consciousness.

As our energy changes, through our power of thought, we are able to send out that positive energy towards those with whom we have some difficulty (karmic account).

In meditation, we open to the warmth of pure love and the spiritual light of eternal truth from the Source, healing our own self and liberating ourselves from the illusions (false beliefs)

which made us create wrong-thoughts and perform wrong actions in the first place.

The illusion was simply in seeing ourselves as limited, physical beings.

This led us to believe that love, happiness and peace were physical and to be found externally, which in turn made us use others to get what we wanted.

Healing has taken place when we experience ourselves as souls, unlimited, spiritual beings and children of the Supreme.

Healing has become a reality when we rediscover our own internal resource of love, happiness and peace.

Only then will we begin to see and perceive others in the same way.

This spiritual vision transforms the quality of energy we give to others which then heals and transforms those relationships.

Once we have fully healed our self-awareness, we can act as instruments or mediums to bring that spiritual light from the Supreme Source into the lives of others.