Thursday, May 24, 2012

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Karmic Debts
Whether we are a house maid or a mechanic, a CEO or a king, we have all made the same mistake – 

of losing our true self-awareness (soul-consciousness) as we come into the process of birth and rebirth.

This is why at this present time when the world is in a state of transformation we all find ourselves with 'debts to settle' and

some inner scars to heal, not only from this lifetime, but also accumulated from previous births. 

The web of karmic debt is weighing heavily within our consciousness.

This explains why even those people who have an abundance of material wealth and physical comfort are often painful and unhappy.

The burden of these karmic debts can also prevent us from finding true freedom, as the 'sins' of our past disturb our peace and our happiness in the present.

If someone keeps coming into our mind, interrupting our concentration, or they trigger feelings of frustration or depression when we see or even think of them,

we can understand that we are likely to have some outstanding debt with that person, and often there is a sanskara which we need to heal.

Once again, there is an underlying lesson to be learnt or something that has to be changed.

In these moments, although we may think we are free to think, say or do what we want, we do not have spiritual freedom.

We are tied to our inner disturbance (sanskara) which has been triggered (not caused) by the outer event or presence of a person. 

(continued tomorrow...)