Saturday, May 26, 2012

Souls delve deeper into there subconscious, why?, because of conflict in life, in actions. in relationships. Because we don't live in a world of perfection and happiness, we are constantly challenged too who I am. We meet this challenge through faith and evolution of understanding or conform too it by taking on more support from drugs, falsehoods or by drowning in the sleep of materialism and comfort. The higher, more evolved soul will want too go deeper into the self, strengthening there feeling and understandings of God, the self and there part in the scheme of things, even unevolved souls will also do this but not too the same degree, it is a survival mechanism. This mechanism can be summed up in the word Purity or the understanding of my original nature in action. The opposite too Purity is self judgement, but that coupled with guilt and negative feelings. Both a pure and impure soul will Judge, but the latter will strengthen there resolve and self awareness whilst in the process. After all we were all Pure beings at one stage, but the layers of action have begun too weigh us down. Even now you can look at a baby and see the innocents and Purity of the soul, imagine when we were like that as a whole population, as a race of Human Beings, it did happen you know, and can still happen if you turn within, and bring it too the surface once again :)