Tuesday, June 12, 2012

As a meditator and a vegetarian I go through alot of filtration and sifting of my subconscious. In my spiritual practice I get alot of fantastic and life changing experiences where I feel at times Superhuman and even Godlike, on the opposite end of the scale deep depression can come, attacks of voyeurism and antisocial attitudes etc. Both scales are felt when uncovering the layers of the soul. The religious approach too vice and negativity is too put it under one title, as being evil or impure, devilish and unworthy, but the truth be known we need too deprogram our subconscious, that is unravel the thread of birth after birth of action, and then let go of it, we cannot just read and chant the words of the scriptures or of the Master and then pretend thats it. It is a feeling not a maths equation. Just as when you take on a relationship you need too work on it, love each other, experiment, grow old together etc, the same with the marriage of the heart and soul. It takes time and work, its not fast food, or mobile communications.