Monday, June 11, 2012 : Home

Dear All,
Greetings of love.

Our group of four; Dadi Gulzar, Neelu, Kamala bhen & myself arrived safely in HK.  In Delhi, there was an escort of five police officers for Dadi until the aircraft.  Myself & Kamala bhen were received at the airport by Br Ranjit from Palam centre which we visited for an hour and met about 15 - 20 students and family of Uimilbaben.

At HK airport, we were received by about 30 BKs including Kavitaben, Gobind Bhai, Gita from LA, Minoo, Arjun and others.  From the airport, Kamala ben and I came to HK centre & Dadi left for Minoo Bhen's house.

Saturday & Sunday were busy.  We had a public programme at Theatre Hall in HK side.  The Saturday morning topic was Maintaining Stability & Power During Times of Challenges.  Dadi emphasised peace, soul consciousness & having the intoxication of whose child I am.  On Saturday evening the topic was: Managing Relationships - Create harmony inside out.  Dadi emphasised on saying good morning & good night to Bapdada.  On Sunday morning the topic was: Finish Waste- make use of time & thoughts.  Dadi emphasised not to waste time and thoughts, and recognition of God.

All the programmes had about 225 souls out of which 25-30 new souls attended BK programmes for the first time.  Raju from Guangzhou brought one new student to meet Dadi on Friday.

On Sunday evening there was a family gathering at HK centre attended by about 100 BKs & their families.  From Chandigarth Major General Kandal & his wife who are visiting HK and Macau also attended programme and shared their experience.  Sr Kavita, Br Gobind, Neelu and Sr Gita (LA) also introduced themselves.   Again Dadi emphasised with the BK family and close contacts, not to waste time. 

On the night of Monday 12th June, there was a 40 years celebration in a public programme.

Overall, so far BKs and public took a lot of benefit by Dadi's powerful drishti, easy and simple but forceful message that God has incarnated and take as much benefit as possible and be world sovereign.

In Baba's yaad
BK Nirmala