Friday, September 21, 2012


Dadi Janki – 19.9.12 – GCH, London
Go into the subtlety of knowledge and the depth of karma
Baba tells us very deep things and I would say to you: Don’t think about other things or other people - just go into the depth of
what Baba is saying. Every single aspect of Baba’s has the potential to touch your mind and your heart. They can help us reform
ourselves. There’s no need to think about reforming others. Today Baba pulled our ears: While performing charitable actions,
don’t perform sinful actions too. To defame is a sin.  When I’m defaming someone, I don’t it is a bad thing, it’s justified - but when
I am defamed it’s a terrible thing to do!  Baba said: If someone defames me, they are my friend. It’s just a test paper and I’m
learning. Let me not start defaming them, and say: Why do they only defame me?  Small sins accumulate – Baba is saying:
Remember Me to finish the sins of past births, let alone this one.
The great enemy is lust but anger is no less. Someone who gets angry will never be able to be happy or make others happy.
They don’t even feel they are angry - they think they are right; they are correcting others for their own good. Go deep inside. At
this time God Himself is pulling our ears saying: Listen to Me: are you accumulating or going into even more loss?  He said
today: Remember the Point but not just as a Point.  Baba gives us a lot of homework. The study never finishes – there is always
more good homework from Baba.  What is this Point? Let me know it very well, so that I become a point myself – tiny and subtle.
Make time to go into the subtlety of this. Make this a project for yourself.
In other projects you have to use your intellect a  lot. With this project you have to make your intellect still and take it to the
Supreme Soul. Baba is the tiny Point (bindu) but He is the Almighty. He removes sorrow and bestows happiness. Apply a bindu
(a full stop).  I have this dialogue between my Bindi Baba and my Sindhi Baba – my Foreign Traveller Baba came into the land of
Sindh, telling us we too came from the faraway land. The point I enjoyed most when I heard knowledge was that there are not
84,000 species we can incarnate into. That was why I had paid so much attention to my karma – so that it wouldn’t bring me
down. I’d read there were four types of species, humans, birds, animals, insects. Baba explained that  animals don’t become
insects and humans don’t become horses or donkeys.  
Take time out to think about the deep things Baba shares for yourself.  My heart really wants to keep  looking at Baba, and
hearing what He has to say to me. You may take an hour to hear the murli but pay attention for the whole day to increase the
value of your life, to value time by revising and applying what you hear. What do I personally need to do? Someone did
something but what do I need to do? I don’t get affected by what others do. We have to make a peaceful and cool world. Let the
mind become peaceful, the body cool.  How do we make a good atmosphere? Make it and you will see. How  have Baba’s
centres been established? From the power of the atmosphere. If you have to go to work and after amrit vela, or if not later in the
day, as soon as you can. Know the importance of the murli and experience that.  In the old days Baba would stop giving you
murli, if you made the slightest mistake. The murli has the magic of Khudda in it. Go into the depth of the philosophy of karma. To
think about anyone is like a film of dirt on me – and it becomes a habit. Let us be free from ego and arrogance - not the slightest
trace. Living with people we are coloured by their good company. Like puppets working. People should come to see the puppet
show in Baba’s house.
Sickness comes as a result of some kind of worry, then we worry about the sickness, which makes it worse. So just say to it: Ok
you’ve come - that’s what I do.  God has given us the blessing of being ever healthy and wealthy. Do you want that?  I don’t like
the word ‘illness. Doctors have to use that word but let me not say ‘I am ill’. We have the blessing of God. The blessings we
receive, we sustain others with. I’m not giving blessings, they are God’s blessings.
Some people don’t like it when I say: Just be peaceful; when something that has happened. They want me to understand how
they feel about it.  But, really, the solution is: just become peaceful inside. People think it’s natural to think about why something
happened, why their duty was taken away from them, etc.  Baba put me through various tests. I surrendered for study and was
given the task of looking after 2-5 year olds.  But I had such love for the study.  When I stopped nursing, missed the patients a
little and Mama told me: Take care not to have attachment to those you serve with. If you keep remembering the patients how
can the one who has replaced you serve them? Wherever the seniors put you is good – have that much love, faith and regard for
Baba and you’ll benefit greatly from that.
God has a plan – sit and think about what that plan is. We are all sitting here according to God’s plan – not our own thinking. God
has taken hold of our minds and held them in the reins of His hands. He’s freed us from the bondage of our karmas and applied
us in service.  The more you stay in a good place.  In a temple you go to glimpse the idols but in this place you are becoming the
idols. How much regard should we have for one another!  What a world we Brahmins live in! Know the importance of amrit vela
and of living with your companions, your equals. These two free you from body consciousness and teach you how to take virtues
from others and imbibe them. Do I see everyone’s virtue?  Let me have no knowledge whatsoever of any defect,.