Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Volcanic Yoga

The Year of being Angel like the Father             16-09-2012
Revision of Avyakt Murli – Volcanic Yoga (C)
Self Respect: I am the Light House and Might House.
Baba has asked us to do Volcanic Yoga which means, be like Light House and Might
House. As a Light House stays at one place but constantly spreads it’s light, shows path to
everyone, and always remains at a height, similarly we too should be Light House and Might
House and show the right path to the entire World… always remain seated at an elevated
Yoga Practice:
1. I am the Light House and Might House... rays of Light and Might are constantly
spreading from me in all directions. This is eliminating the darkness of  ignorance
from the entire world… all the souls are becoming powerful.
2. I am combined with the Almighty Shiv Baba. Unlimited rays of powers are falling
upon me from the Power House… merging within me… and then spreading out
from me in all directions.
3. I am seated at the peak of a high altitude mountain along with Baba… all the human
Souls are standing at the valley and are looking at both of us with thirsty eyes… Baba
and I are giving Sakash to them… Light and Might are coming out of our eyes and
reaching them.
Point of Inculcation: Surrender of Ego
For having Volcanic Yoga it is essential to surrender our Ego. Ego is the mother of all
problems. So, let us surrender our Ego and bring Baba in that place.
Point of Churning:
- What are the signs of someone Body conscious and someone Soul conscious?
- What is Subtle Ego? What are the losses one suffers from Body consciousness and Ego?
- How to get rid of Ego? What should be the practice needed for this?
For the Effort Makers:
Dear Effort Makers, the seed of effort making is Unlimited Disinterest. As much intense
is detachment, that much intense is effort. Attachment ties us with the World. The intellect
keeps wondering in the World. Instead of GOD, the mind becomes busy in bodily things,
money and people. It keeps jumping from one place to another like a monkey. It ignores it’s
desired actions and performs those which it shouldn’t. So, O effort makers, inculcate
unlimited disinterest so that the door of Soul World can open fast and all the Souls can go
and take rest in their home.