Saturday, November 3, 2012

dadi janki speaks

Dadi Janki  –  31st October 2012 – Shantivan
Love for the study is important
There are three aspects that it is very important to remain aware of: who I am, who is mine, and what I have to do
now. What is a total waste of time? To look at and think about what others are doing. Stay in the present. Be
present in the present moment. If your intellect keeps going to the past and the future you cannot also be present in
front of Baba. Check yourself honestly in this. When I sat to remember Baba was my intellect actually connected to
Him? Raise your hand if your intellect wasn’t distracted at all during your meditation today! Pull your ears if your
intellect wandered! There has to be one Baba and none other. If you truly have one Baba and none other then your
intellect will never be distracted. You will enjoy yoga. You will feel that you are able to remain in Baba’s company
naturally and easily. You will feel that He is truly your companion.
While the soul is in this body, until the very last moment, I have to study. There really is nothing else in this
life but the spiritual study. When you emerge yourself in this study then you will be constantly happy and peaceful
internally. You will feel yourself to be the honest, faithful and sincere child of Baba. The teachings  of the true
Teacher protect the soul from everything. Someone who studies well has no fear. One who studies well
automatically becomes a teacher but has absolutely no desire for name and fame. Dadi never thinks of herself as a
teacher. Who am I then? I am Baba’s child – I am a student. A student has a lot of interest to study. There is a great
deal of benefit in this study. Dadi loves studying! She loves studying more than giving class (but is often asked to
come in the class)!
Life is a journey. I need to make that journey successful. The journey of life of the soul in this body can
finish at any moment. Dadi has seen this many times. It is the time to go to the Supreme Abode – that space
is just in front of us. It is the land beyond sound. I now have to practice and create the sanskar of travelling to that
Supreme Abode. Our time there will be very short. There, in that land, I will be very close to the Father… We are
together here, we will be close in the Supreme Abode and then we will be together again in the cycle… for the
whole cycle. Dadi had a very good chat with Dadi Gulzar about this. Check your stage now. What would your next
birth be like if you were to leave your body now? You can even ask Baba this… In fact, you can understand this for
your own self. Why am I here? I shouldn’t allow myself to make the type of effort that will lead me to become a
subject in the future. Raja Yoga is the study to claim the rights to rule a kingdom. For this I have to a) fill
myself with divine virtues b) become completely viceless c) follow the codes of conduct accurately d) go
beyond praise and defamation, even beyond profit and loss e) speak less – I have to go beyond sound f)
maintain courage g) always keep the wings of zeal and enthusiasm with me h) create elevated thoughts i)
be constant in my stage j) concentrate. These are the qualifications required in order to claim the kingdom.
If you lack courage, your zeal and enthusiasm decrease.
Sit as much as possible in Baba’s remembrance. Then when you come into sound the words you speak will be yog
yukt and will always be right according to the situation. Baba often talks about ‘smriti’ (awareness). Vriti (attitude)
and smriti are very important. Stay in the awareness of who you are and who you belong to to such an extent that
you pull others into that awareness.
The Confluence Age has come to an end. Baba is showing us how to move into the unlimited. We have to
now do unlimited service – that is mansa seva. Wherever you may be, your vibrations and sakash should
reach all around. Those who are depressed and hopeless should be reached by  our vibrations. Your
vibrations have to pull them to Baba’s centres… to Madhuban…  Other than this there is no work to be
done now.  Now stop making excuses for your slackness in effort. Stop giving reasons and become an
intense effort maker. Stop looking at others and concentrate on your own life. This is the need of the time.