Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Riding the wave of experience

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Catch the Next Wave
When a surfer misses a wave, the surfer doesn't walk away from the ocean
or waste time sulking.  In the same way, when you miss life's opportunities,
keep the faith that opportunities are like waves, there's always another one coming!

Just keep yourself available and
be ready to catch your next wave - it's coming any moment!

To use resources well is to increase them.
If I put to use whatever resources I have, I will be able to increase them. Firstly, whatever I use, I become aware of them more and more. They become more and more available to me. Secondly, for having used them, they get sharpened and much better. It also brings back return from others in some way or the other. Today I will recognize at least one special resource which I have not been putting to use. It could be the resource of a skill that I have; some specialty or even something more subtle, like the resource of my thoughts or time. I will start using it consciously, so that I use it more and more, thus increasing it.

Soul Sustenance 17-02-2013

Attaining Success Using The Tool Of Visualization

A study shows that the majority of sportsmen and women, who win at prominent international events, are trained to use the tool of visualization to achieve success. Many months before the actual event, they visualize i.e. they create pictures of success inside their minds that they have already achieved their goal. The same principle of visualization is also used to cure patients from major illnesses including cancer. Patients are taught to visualize their diseased organs free from illnesses or visualize the organs receiving healing energy in some form or the other. Visualization helps people to have 100% belief in themselves that they will achieve the desired goal. The efforts made with this powerful energy of belief have a greater probability of success than when you make the efforts without believing in what you are doing and without visualizing yourself as achieving your objectives.

If you think about your failures from the past, you stop believing in yourself, lose your enthusiasm and get frustrated. Visualizing images of a positive future helps you work from the present towards the future, without allowing the past failures to have any negative influence on you. You visualize yourself as a person, who has already overcome his fears and negative habits, and the fears are removed and the negative habits are transformed. You see yourself already transformed e.g. you say "I am a soul full of all powers" and not "I am going to or am trying to fill myself with all powers ". The power of that vision and the positive affirmations, combined together, is such that it helps you to bring about a major change in yourself, not just a small change, because you make it easy for your sub-conscious mind that is sleeping to wake up and realize its potential. You stop always expecting the worst and hope for, visualize and believe in the best.

Message for the day 17-02-2013

To see ourselves in the mirror of knowledge is to bring progress in ourselves. 

Projection: The usual way of looking at ourselves when things don't go right with us is to either look at ourselves with self-pity or to point out others' mistakes. When we do this we lose the opportunity of learning from whatever has happened and so there is no progress.

Solution: The ideal way of looking at ourselves when things go wrong is to look with a knowldgeful eye and see what we can improve in ourselves. We only have to look and we are sure to find something that we can work on and improve. This brings about real progress in us.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris