Wednesday, February 27, 2013

are we the rulers of time ??

Inner Place of Silence
There is a part of you that is perfect and pure. It is untouched by the less than perfect characteristics you've acquired by living in a less than perfect world. It is filled with divine qualities, so is in a constant state of resourcefulness and well-being. Its total absence of conflict and negativity of any sort makes this part of you a Still-Point...a deep, enriching experience of Silence. Make time to practice reaching this inner place of Silence. It will bring you untold benefit.

The right way of living spreads joy to others.
When people around me are not happy with me, I usually believe that I
am right and they are all wrong. I then cannot check or realise my
own mistake. So I rarely make an attempt to change myself and
continue to wait for others to change or understand me. If people
around me are not able to get happiness from me or the way I live, I
need to look at my own life in a detached way to see where I could
change. Even a slightest change brought by me with sincerity will
have a great effect on those around me.

Soul Sustenance 27-02-2013

Self Transformation (Change) (Part 5)

Here are some practical reminders and steps we can take to grow spiritually and bring out transformation (change) in ourselves:

Meditate with others

Another great help in maintaining a stable base on the path of meditation is collective practice (practicing together). Through personal practice, I keep my sense of responsibility intact and remain independent. However, without losing these, I can also get together with others at the meditation centre, valuing and learning from their experiences and perceptions (ways of looking at situations) - the group energy brings us to another level of experience, a space of mutual (shared) experience and learning. We learn from everyone, everywhere, all the time; it depends on our willingness to accept certain realities.

Often we live too much in the past, or future, and so do not realize that the present is the bridge to moving away from the negativity of the past and to creating a confident future. We do not cross this bridge because we live by, or are too influenced by, the other two time zones (past and future).

Remember that NOW is the opportunity where newness on any level can be created and for that getting together regularly with people who are on the spiritual path is very important.

(To be continued tomorrow….)

Message for the day 27-02-2013
To be free is to be free from the influence of time.

Projection: Usually we allow time to change us. We are time conscious and we normally wait for the time to bring about a change in our situation. Then we say only if a particular thing happens can we do something else that we need to do. To wait in this way for time is to set limits on ourselves.

Solution: We need to free ourselves from the influence of time. When we remind ourselves again and again that we are the creator and time our creation we will be able to change ourselves. This will automatically bring change in the situations too.