Friday, March 1, 2013

seeing the value in others

An Ancient Peace
There is a silence into which the world cannot intrude. There is an ancient peace you carry in your heart and have not lost. There is a love you have missed for so long and will always come back to.
The Rejuvenating Power Of SilenceSilence has to be love-filled. Love actually inspires and moves all things towards their original freedom and happiness. 

To connect to others' specialties is to get cooperation.

The one who sees specialties has faith in others. Whatever the person's present action or response may be, when we remain connected to the specialties, we are able to use these specialties with faith. This also makes us have good wishes for them. This automatically makes us easily give and get cooperation. Today I will see only specialties in others. I will think of one person whom I have more interaction with. I will specially focus on the strengths of this person. As far as possible, I will also remind him too of these specialties.

Soul Sustenance 16-02-2013

Remaining Relaxed During An Interview Or Meeting

A state of relaxed alertness will yield best results in an interview or an importantmeeting. To relax, you need to remove all sense of confrontation, instead see the meeting as a friendly fact finding exchange and an opportunity to talk quietly of your achievements.

1. Think of your interviewer as someone with whom, very soon, you might find that you have a great deal in common – perhaps not a friend, but someone you enjoy talking to.

2. If the questions become difficult, visualize the Supreme Being in the form of a person in the room – perhaps standing behind the interviewer. Imagine him as a friend urging you on, praising your handling of the situation, persuading you to succeed.

3. If the interviewer seems unfriendly, say to yourself: it is because he or she has difficulty with the situation. Respond calmly and pleasantly.

Message for the day 16-02-2013

The one who is royal plays with the jewels of knowledge. 

Projection: Throughout the day several times we find ourselves performing such actions or speaking such words that hurt others. Such behavior actually reflects the fact that we are playing with stones instead of jewels.

Solution: Real jewels are such words and actions that are filled with knowledge or truth. Knowledge gives us understanding which brings sweetness in our words and accuracy in our actions and this is real royalty.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris