Tuesday, May 28, 2013


It’s Time – Insured Your BMW? (Body, Mind and Wealth)
The title ‘insuring your BMW’, is not as you might think, a reference being made to the vehicle
parked outside, but instead a reminder that as we journey through life it is indeed important to
insure with the Supreme Magnate all that we hold and possess – primarily our Body, Mind
and Wealth! In fact all faiths speak about using all our personal assets and resources for a higher
purpose and how the eventual payoff will far outweigh the installments!
Our BMW is the vehicle through which we create our elevated fortune or good luck in life. These
deeds sown with love are like seeds that will reap returns later. We just have to ensure – ‘insure’ –
that the seeds that we choose to plant are long lasting, and the fruits don’t just finish when the
season is over.
Our body is literally a vehicle that carries the ‘driver’, the soul. Just as we need to tune and top up
the car, so too we need to respect the body by providing it with adequate food and sleep and
slowing down a little. Only then can we get the extra mileage out of it. Having a healthy car will
ensure that we can get to our destination in life on time and safely.
If my own needs are met then I can be of help to others, just as the announcement on the plane
always tells me to put on my own oxygen mask before helping others. However, if I spend my whole
day tending only to the needs of my ego self, then what level of contribution am I making? Service
through the body means to give freely of our time and energy to anyone around us – sometimes it
can be as simple as a smile or sometimes a great act of helping someone through a crisis. There is a
beautiful saying that sums this up: hands that work are better than lips that pray.
Secondly, we need to keep our mind healthy and free from toxicity by using our mind to create
only uplifting thoughts. Then our mind will always be working well and not fall into a rut or
depression. Memory power also increases by retaining only ‘clean’ information and not by repeating
the impure and waste. A healthy mind is able to stay positive, connected with God and emits good
wishes and pure feelings to others. This boomerangs back to me in the form of blessings.
At the end of the day it is not what we do, but the intent and consciousness with which we do it.
For example we can wash the floors of a temple or a mosque and pity ourselves for having to do
such a lowly job, or we could wake up to the joy of our good fortune for being selected for such a
noble task. Are we a slave to the task or a master of our own fortune? It all depends on our state of
Thirdly, all faiths advocate that we invest our wealth by giving to charity or to those less
advantaged. Those with a good heart will do it automatically anyway, for they know the secret that
to give is to receive. Money is simply energy, and it is up to us to infuse that energy with pure
intention – for only then are we truly insuring our wealth. For instance, if we give a donation hoping
for name and fame in return, then the seed of that action has already been spoilt, so although we
may get the instant reward that we are seeking, we will miss out on that sweet fruit that comes
with humility and patience.
We need to use our wealth wisely. If it is put to good use, that is, if it benefits many, then the
return of that will be multiplied. This is the law of karma. If we use it unwisely then our ‘insurance
policy’ just won’t cover it and we will lose out!
Actually our ‘BMW’ doesn’t belong to us anyway. We only ever ‘borrow’ it for the duration of this
lifetime, so bearing that in mind we need to keep it in good running order and with a full tank at all
times. Remember that at any moment we may have to hand back the keys!
It’s time… to insure wisely your Body, Mind and Wealth. By working with God and the universe to
use everything in your life in a worthwhile way you will fulfill your higher purpose. The interest
from a good spiritual investment is happiness. So remember to enjoy every moment of the ride and
not just be focused on the destination.
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