Thursday, May 30, 2013

the living dead

Any dear soul that lives their life without acknowledging their consciousness is merely ruled by their life, there is little consideration to the forces that are working around them. There are many dear souls that live among you living this way. Their days are typical and usually barren of emotional thoughts as they are purely living through a physical consciousness – one that is governed by habit and reiteration.

And then we observe many dear souls that do have a certain amount of Faith and work with Hope in order to bring more good into their lives. You don’t get to know the actual outcome until it occurs, yet your faith is still there through the workings of your pure heart. We often see many of you increasing your thought perception on life that is filled with positive thought-forms and action. Having a positive outlook dear ones does have a positive effect on your life and increases your Faith that you will continue to receive valuable outcomes of your positive thinking and actions. Even for the many dear souls that apply positive thought-forms and action each and every day, they do not know the full extent of any outcome, but they are at a state of mind that any outcome is helpful and instructive.

People that are thought as spiritual do not only place their faith in just life, but their faith is also with God, and within the Realm of His domain. These devoted souls give themselves freely to God in pure faith and trust with an Inner Knowing that is aligned with Hope and Faith that any outcome that is produced will be what is best for that person at that very moment.

There are some dear souls that often experience and see the Spiritual Force of God’s energy and power on a regular basis. These souls are not only positive in their Faith with God and His Divine Realm, but these dear souls are mastering the principles of life which do include the surrounding environment and any action that is encouraged by God. These beloved individuals will accept all outcomes as being positive. Anything that results as a negative becomes a positive learning that is in disguise.

One of the biggest achievements of your spiritual journey is to attain a greater perception of life and actually see clarification through the opening of the Divine Will; Divine Will is a phenomenon that is filled with positive and negative mingling inside of you in order to apply an increased development of your progress and transformation.