Monday, May 20, 2013


It’s Time – How Are You Feeling?
How are you feeling now? How were you feeling two hours ago? And how were you feeling when
you woke up this morning? Would you say that your feelings have been consistent during the day?
If your feelings are fleeting, if they chop and change throughout the day with every passing
incident, then how can you be in control of yourself and the situation? How can you be at peace?
When someone praises me, I may feel happy, confident, worthy and possibly even smug, but when
tomorrow the same person puts me down I may feel insulted, disheartened, and even depressed. I
can even become a slave to a situation – I expect the sun to shine today and it rains instead, so I am
miserable. Yet, I am the same person today as I was yesterday!
If we allow other people to dictate our mood, it means we are dependent upon them for our
happiness and our self-worth. If we are allowing our state of mind to change minute by minute,
how can we be as stable and serene as we might like to be?
We sometimes make references to our gut feeling or gut reaction implying that we are correct in
responding to that feeling. It doesn’t necessarily mean that if it comes from our gut, that it is
true. Often the gut feeling is a reflection of our subconscious and not our rational mind. And if we
have not taken time to clean out our subconscious through the practice of meditation then we will be
overwhelmed by the uprising of negative thoughts and feelings.
Every feeling begins with a thought. The mind, the originator of the thoughts, is like a chameleon,
changing colours at every beat. It is hard to distinguish its true colour in amongst the myriad of
thoughts, questions, opinions and judgments’ that are passing through moment by moment. The
problem is that our thought reactions are so habitual, we hardly even notice them. But monitor your
mind for a day and you will notice that an unhappy state of mind is preceded by a negative thought
and a happy state is the result of positive uplifting thoughts.
It serves us to create good and positive thoughts rather than negative ones, because for example, if
we dislike someone, it will immediately manifest in our face and behavior towards them. They will
catch our mood if we are in front of them or if they are thousands of miles away they will catch our
If we create good feelings, we raise not only our own spirits, but the spirits of those around us; we
can affect the atmosphere in any given situation which most often leads to a better outcome for all.
With one thought we can change the state of our feeling. And with consistent powerful thoughts we
can maintain a happy and contented state of mind.
It’s time…to get in touch with our original, true nature, that purest part of us. As we regain our
inner strength, we become the masters of our own thoughts and feelings. We are no longer at the
mercy of things around us, and we can choose our desired state of mind. Ultimately, as we work
towards mastery over our feelings, we can reach a state of inner peace and happiness in both rain
and shine!
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